Advanced Aesthetic Treatments administered at Sanctuary Skin Clinic

Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment

Our Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment is a safe, simple and extremely effective way to prevent the signs of ageing on the face. One sign of ageing is fine lines which develop into wrinkles. Lines that appear between the eyebrows and around the eyes and forehead are typical target areas. For many, Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment virtually erases these lines.

There are many different Wrinkle Relaxing products on the market. You are assured of the quality of products used at Sanctuary Skin Clinic with our Nurse prescriber-led and CTIA accredited clinic, ensuring safe, successful and lasting results.  Full medical is required - please contact us for further details.

The Treatment

In one simple treatment of a few tiny injections, the muscles that cause these lines and wrinkles are relaxed for several months, allowing the skin collagen and elastin to renew and repair itself and lift out wrinkles.  The results are apparent within days. The greatest effect is seen after about 2-3 weeks.

Post Procedure Care

There is no downtime following treatment. Clients usually return directly to work or normal activities immediately.  There are some aftercare considerations which will be discussed with you in detail at your appointment, including any potential side effects or complications.  A full medical will be carried out in advance to ensure suitability for treatment and discuss any concerns, treatment plan, potential side effects and after-care.

All wrinkle reducing treatments at Sanctuary Skin Clinic include full medical consultation with our in-house medical prescriber in advance of administration of injections, and a 2 week review for any adjustment or top up.

Prices - Includes Consultation with our Medical Prescriber

Upper Lip Lines - £95                        

Bunny Lines - £95

Turned Down Smile - £95

Around the Eyes - £165

Frown Lines - £165

Forehead (including Frown Lines) - £195

Jawline - £165

Multiple Areas - Baby / Natural Style - From £195

Multiple Areas - Strong - From £250