Sanctuary Skin Membership & Loyalty Scheme

We often get asked to create bespoke packages or on-going skincare maintenance services for clients.  If you're looking to invest in a regular or complete skincare rejuvenation plan, or to maintain the health, youth and radiance of your skin,  with total flexibility, then this may be for you....   A plan of Clinically Advanced Treatments, one cost per visit or level (depending on treatment chosen) and up to 50% savings for the ultimate Loyalty Scheme and our appreciation for your continued support.  Clients can choose which level treatment they wish to have each visit, so long as they have booked the appropriate timeslot and therapist and are suited for that treatment.  This is usually discussed with you each time you visit so that we can plan for your next treatment.  Skincare Plans can be paused or stopped to fit around lifestyle for complete flexibility with no monthly commitment.  Enjoy a further 10-20% discount on all DERMARITUAL clinical skincare products. 
T&C's apply.  All plans are bespoke to you and all skin concerns can be treated.  
Email Jo directly at Sanctuary Skin Clinic for further details at or contact us on 0161 440 0001 / 07957 922888 to book your free skin consultation.  Further information on plans and setting up monthly standing orders for your convenience (not necessary) can be found at

Hand over your skincare to us - a personal trainer for your skin heath, protection, rejuvenation and restoration!

Sanctuary Skin Club - Level 1

A Full Skin Maintenance Regime, Bespoke to You.  Regular Treatments - choose from our 45 Minutes Ultimate Facials from the Clinically Advanced Facials Menu - Click Here.  A different facial can be chosen or created each visit if desired.  Includes a 10% Discount on DERMARITUAL Retail Products & Skincare

(45 Mins) 12 Visits Value - £1,320 - Sanctuary Skin Plan - £70 per Visit

Sanctuary Skin Club - Level 3
Take Results to Another Level.  Choose from our 75 Minutes Ultimate Facials with additional Thermage Collagen Induction or Laser / IPL Skin Rejuvenation, or choose Crystal Clear COMCIT Elite Microneedling, Crystal Clear Skinstorm (without Hylo Fusion), HydrO2 Deluxe Facial, Nappage Intradermal Feeding Mesotherapy Treatment or a Deep Mesoestetic Skin Peel.  Includes 15% Discount on DERMARITUAL Retail Products & Skincare

(75 Mins) 12 Visit Value - £1,800 - Sanctuary Skin Plan - £100 per Visit

Sanctuary Skin Club - Level 2

Need Something Extra with extended Facials & Treatments?  Regular Treatments - choose from our 60 Minutes Ultimate Facials, Dermaplaning, Mesotherapy or HydrO2 facials from the Clinically Advanced Facials Menu - Click Here.  Includes a 10% Discount on DERMARITUAL Retail Products & Skincare

(60 Mins) 12 Visit Value - £1,620 - Sanctuary Skin Plan - £85 per Visit

Sanctuary Skin Club - Level 4

The Ulltimate in Skin Rejuvenation and Advanced Aesthetics.  Choose from our extended Ultimate Facials for 90 Minutes, Crystal Clear COMCIT Elite with Microcurrent or Crystal Clear Skinstorm with Hylo Fusion, Medical Grade 3D HIFU Non-Surgical Face Lift (max once each 6 sessions), Fractional Mesotherapy Skin Needling or Fractional RF Thermage Collagen Induction (aka Morpheus) for Face or Body.   Includes 20% Discount on DERMARITUAL Skincare 

(90 Mins) 12 Visit Value >£3,000 - Sanctuary Skin Plan - £150 per Visit

Sanctuary Skin Trilogy Rejuvenation Programme

Our Signature Intensive Skin Rejuvenation Programme, available to all our clients.  Three Stages, Three Sessions, Three Clinically Advanced Treatments to Lift & Tighten the Face, Jowls & Neck; Reduce Lines & Wrinkles; Smooth Skin Texture and Boost Radiance.  Invest in a staged rejuvenation programme with incredible long-lasting results and only minimal downtime.  Minimum 2 weeks between each treatment.

Week 1 - 3D SkinMed HIFU Non Surgical Face Lift (target SMAS muscle & dermis) & Dermalux Flex LED

Week 2 - iPRF (intelligent Platelet Rich Fibrin) Fractional Mesotherapy with Mesoestetic Skin Peel (advanced collagen induction, skin feeding and skin resurfacing) or Fractional Radio Frequency / Thermage Collagen Induction(aka Morpheus)

Week 3 - 8 Point Liquid Lift - Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers (2ml) or Profhilo Bioremodelling (2ml) or Plasma Filler Bioremodelling (up to 6ml)

Full Value - £1,960 - Sanctuary Skin Plan - £885 or £295 per session for 3 visits

Terms and Conditions

Skin membership does not need any direct debit or standing order, simply pay and book for your next visit at the same time, and membership will continue - however if you would like to set up a standing order for your convenience, this can be done at   We will discuss your plan in depth during consultation and re-assess on each visit or as appropriate / in accordance with any contra-indications.  You will be the first to hear about new treatments available and any other special offers.  All plans exclude injectables such as skin boosting, wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers, however Skin Club clients will also receive special offers on these and first choice availability of new products to the market throughout the year.  You will also receive a minimum of 10% off DERMARITUAL Skincare Products.  Skin Club savings are based on brochure / full prices and the 50% maximum savings achieved by adding in savings from skincare plans and/or additional treatments.  All skincare plans are intended for the protection, restoration and maintenance of your skin and will be supervised by a qualified and regulated healthcare professional.  Full T&C's apply.  Enquire within.