Fractional Radiofrequency aka Thermage / Morpheus / RF Microneedling

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Fractional Radiofrequency is a cutting-edge collagen induction technology, renowned for its ability to rejuvenate and transform the deeper layers of the skin and for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and overall skin improvement.  Started by the brands Thermage and Morpheus8, this technology is now available at a much more affordable price via our in-house RF Microneedling system.

The treatment involves the use of tiny needles to create micro-injuries in the skin, while simultaneously delivering heat energy deep into the dermis at various depths.

Fractional radiofrequency has versatility and effectiveness in addressing various skincare concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, uneven skin texture and thread vein reduction. By promoting collagen production and tightening the skin's underlying tissues, this treatment offers comprehensive rejuvenation and long-lasting results.

The treatment requires use of a topical numbing cream and each parameter can be adjusted depending on desired results - needle depth, radiofrequency energy and duration of pulse.  There is minimal downtime with this treatment despite its powerful results, as much of the delivery takes place in the deeper layers of the skin.  There is usually redness and tenderness lasting 1-2 days, however most of this has resolved in the first few hours.

This treatment can be combined with pH Formula, Microcurrent and Dermalux LED for a superb complete skin rejuvenation treatment.  It is also excellent at skin tightening for the body - such as arms, tummy and anywhere there may be skin laxity, stretch marks or crepey skin.

Full consultation required.


Fractional Radiofrequency Single Session Face & Neck, Thread Veins or Body - £350 
Skin Club Price - £150
Course Price - POA

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