Please see below our up-to-date notice regarding Coronavirus / Covid-19 and our salon hygiene policy regarding our practices and procedures.


Further to the Government’s announcement this week, we have taken the decision to keep our salon open for business for now and we would like to thank our loyal clients for continuing to have treatments with us. Given the intense focus on steps being taken to halt the spread of the virus, we would like to assure our clients that we have implemented stringent health and safety policies, practice and procedures to protect our customers, visitors and staff.

These procedures are explained in our policy displayed throughout our salon and on our Facebook page and main website. These include frequent handwashing, thorough and regular cleaning and sanitation of all contact points, encouraging contactless payments, the provision and use of hand gel, face masks and gloves and the daily taking of temperatures. In addition, our policy for both staff and customers is that anyone (themselves or in their household) showing any signs or symptoms of coronavirus are to self-isolate and not attend the salon for work or treatments for at least 14 days.

With immediate effect, we are taking extra steps to implement new measures to support the Government’s request for social distancing. Unfortunately, this does mean that anyone that is aged 70 or above and/or has an underlying medical condition which means you are more vulnerable to coronavirus, cannot come for treatments. This is for the safety of that group of people. In addition, anyone that is directly responsible for day-to-day caring of someone within this group, we would also ask for you to not come for treatments. This is also for the indirect safety of the vulnerable groups.

Those clients that are low risk (under 70, with no underlying medical conditions and not responsible for the day to day care of someone in the vulnerable groups), are welcome to continue with their beauty regimes and treatments. We would welcome this support in keeping our small business and the local community going as we are all trying to work through this difficult time which may continue for a number of weeks / months.

If any lower-risk client is still concerned but wishes to come for treatment, we are also offering the following by request:

-         Regular shifts / slots offered where you and your therapist would be one-to-one in our sanitised salon with no other client in attendance at that time. We will be able to offer this as the knock-on effect of the virus means that we will have enough diary time within the week to stagger shifts so that therapists and clients can attend individually. Note – to protect staff from lone working we would also have our reception manned during these appointments. 

-         Potential for home visit – please ask

With these measures, and for now, our salon can continue to offer our services in the safe knowledge that we are doing everything we can to implement the social distancing measures and not put those vulnerable groups at risk while ensuring our business remains viable. To reward our loyal clients, we have discounted many treatments with some amazing offers that will continue for the time-being, so for those that are worried about their finances hopefully this will help if you need just a little bit of you-time. We know we may not see some of you for a while, please stay safe and positive and keep in touch! We are only a phone call away and if you need anything, or just a chat, we will do our best to help. We hope to see you all soon.

This notice will regularly update in line with advice from the Government.

Jo, Julie, Zara, Emelie, Sara and